Thursday, October 25, 2007

Got Packing List?

I'm woefully behind in my race packing. In fact, it just hit me that I won't wear my race outfit again until race day so perhaps I should put it in a safe place rather than the bottom of the clean laundry bin.

For those of you who are getting ready for race day, take a look at this Ironman Packing List put together by the blog owner, Nancy Toby. I'm using it as the basis for my preparations. Hope it helps!

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Great List. It will help me with the 12 other lists I have put together. Still not sure what to wear for the race, full wetsuit or sleevless..
I'm flattered, and I hope it helps!! One thing that I was reassured to learn is that if you lose your chip in the swim, they have a table to get a new one. Also, there are always discarded goggles around the swim exit so if you lose yours somehow on the first lap, look on the ground around the swim exit for new ones!!
I've got an Ironman packing list too. This is the list I used for IMFL 2006.
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