Sunday, October 08, 2006

Mapping the IMFL bike course

The official map of the Ironman Florida bike course is too vague for me. I need to know mile markers. I need to know what's coming to plan my race strategy. I take that rule about the participant being responsible for knowing the course quite seriously!!!

Here's a gmaps version of the Ironman Florida bike course that I mapped out. One turnaround is not exact, so it comes out to about 113.3 miles total, but it should be otherwise as correct as most bike computers. These mileages are all approximate.

Major turns (mostly right turns in a clockwise loop) are just after:
Mile 6 onto N. Arnold Rd/Hwy 79
Over the West Bay Bridge
Mile 12 onto Hwy 79
Mile 22 onto Hwy 20
(I've heard unofficially that the special needs stop may be just before the turn, which would put it quite early, about mile 48-49?? Watch carefully for it!)
Mile 49 onto Hwy 231
Mile 58 onto Camp Flowers Road to County Rd 2301
Over the bridge over Clearwater Lake
Mile 69 onto County Hwy 388
Mile 73-74? turnaround
Mile 89 stays on County Hwy 388 (via 77)
Mile 101 left back onto N. Arnold Rd/Hwy 79
Back over the West Bay Bridge
Mile 106 left onto Front Beach Road (to S. Thomas Drive and T2)

Also, just for reference, here is the Yahoo map location of the host hotel, the Boardwalk Beach Resort in Panama City Beach.

Don't forget to bookmark these for reference before the race!

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