Wednesday, December 21, 2005

The bike course for IMFL 2006

112 miles = 180.2 kilometers.
Course profile is more or less pancake flat.
Disc wheels are permitted.
Aid stations are approximately every 10 miles, and organizers promise Gatorade Endurance Formula, water, assorted flavors of GU, PowerBars, bananas, and oranges.
Triathletes must be in T1 and preparing for the bike leg no later than 9:20 AM.
Cutoff is 10:15 after the start of the swim, or 17:15 (5:15PM) to be out of T2 and started on the run leg. (They may be more generous and allow people to stay in T2 after that, but don't bet the ranch on it).
Sunset is 4:53PM, twilight ends at 5:18PM.

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