Sunday, December 18, 2005

What are you up to, part II

Ellie is checking up on us!

I'm preparing to try to earn one of these Goofy medals in three weeks at Disney World. That would be for completing a half marathon on January 7th under the 3:30 cutoff, and then a marathon on January 8th under the 7:00 cutoff.

I think I can do it! My plan is to take it slow, recover fast, and HAVE FUN!

Of course, being a dumbass, I also signed up for the 5K on Saturday.

In between my minimalist run workouts, such as they are (one half marathon and one 9.5-miler is the longest I've done this month) I've been doing a few minutes per week on core exercises and the bike trainer, and I've been getting back into the pool once or twice per week. After Goofy it's back to "serious" triathlon training - or at least as serious as I ever get about it!

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