Sunday, December 18, 2005


Here's what I'm up to:

RNR Arizona Marathon on Jan. 15

Lost Dutchman Marathon on Feb. 19

Biking some to cross-train

No swimming (nearest pool is 30 miles away)

I hope to stay in marathon condition after the 2 marathons, holding that as sort of a status quo, maybe doing a 20-miler or marathon once a month or so, and then I'll only have to build up my swimming and biking. I don't know if this is feasible... but it's what I'm hoping to do.

My marathon training is behind; my last long run was 16 miles and the race is 4 weeks away. I'm going to try for 18 tomorrow (that will only be a week after the 16) and then 20 on New Year's, which will be 2 weeks before race day. Or maybe I'll just get to 18.... I don't know. We'll see.

What about everyone else?


Let's see, I'm up to trying to run without Achilles pain. Almost there I think.

Last week was a tough training week, but I did get a couple swims in, and this saturday got miles in with my Team In Training team.

I'm currently training for the Boston Marathon, with an Ironman off in the horizon at some point.

Just recently found your blog.
I had Achilles pain for a long time... over a year. Then it just went away. I don't know why. Unless it was wearing Earth Shoe sandals ("negative heel") all summer. Any, good luck and congratulations on doing TNT! I did marathons for TNT a couple of times. The fund-raising was infinitely harder than the marathon training...
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