Sunday, October 14, 2007

Taper is on! Time to plan!

Hey all you IMFL athletes and IMFL volunteers. The race is rapidly approaching, we should all be tapering by now, and it's time to think about weekend plans.

Does anyone want to meet up for breakfast after one of the morning swims? Anyone interesting in meeting over at Spinnakers to enjoy the view and swap stories? If so, when? Do you have other ideas?

I'll be posting another version of the athletes and volunteer list today in anticipation of race numbers being released on Wednesday. Having a list of athletes and numbers was very helpful to me last year. Volunteers, let us know where/when you'll be working so we can say hi during the race.

Rest well, amigos!

How about meeting up at the pancake breakfast on Friday morning?? And of COURSE I'll be at Spinnakers Sunday evening to party it up!
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