Thursday, May 24, 2007

On our way?

OK, absolutely NO ONE replied to my last post. I can't believe that no one in blog world is training for IMFL in 2007? Let me try one more time. Is anyone doing IMFL this year or is it just me?

I'm in! And IronGirl Nyhus, and TriNick, and Dia (one of my roommates that did Brazil with me last year - he's so nice and he has an Irish accent, so even if her weren't nice, he's still cool to listen to).
I think nobody responded because this is a separate blog address for you. I just got here by accident. I'm heading over to Ironm4n right now, as a matter of fact. See ya.
I'm in!
I am considering volunteering for the event, but I am not going to be attempting my first Ironman distance event until 2008. I am all about cheering people on though.

I grabbed on the the 50 spots they had at the Fla 70.3, so I'm in!!!

I started training this week :)
Me, too. IM rookie from Denver. I'm nursing a sprained MCL, so I'm a little freaked out.
I'm in. I did the FL 70.3, so I am half way there!
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