Saturday, December 23, 2006

Ironman Florida 2006 swim photos

These photos were provided by Alan Erquitt (thank you, Alan!), taken from the 19th-floor condo high above the swim course at the 2006 Ironman Florida. They show many more support watercraft than I observed while I was swimming, which I was glad to see.

Swimmers went around the course counter-clockwise for two loops. If you click on the photos to enlarge them, they give a good perspective of the routing swimmers took around the buoys (you can see many, many swimmers improperly cutting inside the first orange turn buoy). You can also see some swimmers that were swept to the east (left in the photos) by the current, although the wind-driven surface waves are coming from the opposite direction (towards the west). Due to the current, it seems that it would have been advantageous, in between loops, to run as far along the sand as possible rather than swim at an angle opposing the current.

The sand bar over which many people stopped to walk, about 50 yards off the beach, is clearly visible as a lighter band.

(I tilted the first one to level out the horizon before I got seasick.)

My edits of Photo #2 are below:

Pretty cool photos. Doesn't really do the water justice, though.

I need too open these up in photoshop because I can't see all the kayaks supposedly in the photos. I would expect there to be at least one kayak between each set of bouys.
Definitely the first loop. Doesn't do the chop and swells justice. I would believe it if I looked at these and related to race reports if I wasn't there. But I was there and those swells sucked.

Gee wish I had low enough moral fiber to cut the buoy that severely. Crap it would have saved me five minutes withe zagging I did.
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