Monday, October 30, 2006

Ready to meet up?

Those of us bloggers that want to be recognized and say hello to each other during the race are going to wear RED BANDANAS somewhere on our body - neck or arm or wrist where they can be seen coming and going would work best! After all, red is fast!

How about we all try to meet by the athlete's dinner on Thursday about an hour in advance of the start - about 4:30 PM - to introduce ourselves and show the colors?? If not then, at the dinner Shelley said she would try to make sign that will say something like "Tri-Bloggers and TRI-DRS" and have it at our table so everyone can gather and say hello and sit together, if they wish.

What's a TRI-Dr? Doctor? Driver?
I am just a dummy...I am sure you guys have discussed this term before!
I'm in. Look for Weazer & I to be wearing our "red" chili-pepper bandanas.

Just got finished packing the bike & gear. I'm so stoked!!
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