Monday, October 23, 2006

Packed for Ironman Florida!

Yes I am!! Well, about 80% packed for race day. Are you?

All my essential race gear (besides my bike) is in this duffle bag. Yes, I've got all my eggs in one basket, so to speak. Tribiketransport better do their job and get it to me in Panama City Beach along with my bike, or there will be no race for me! But I figured if they didn't get my bike there as promised, there would be no race anyway. I'm dropping it all off at the local bike shop tomorrow night.

This is the most important bag of all. Notice the luggage tag to ID it, along with ID packed inside the bag and name embroidered on the front, and computer tie ready to seal it closed at the last minute - all insurance that the contents actually reach me in Florida.

I'll check it against my Ironman packing list before I actually head down to Florida myself in another ten days, but I wrote down everything as I packed it so that I could keep track of what I had already shipped. I fit an unbelievable amount of stuff in this one essential bag weighing only about 20 pounds!

My bike pedals still have to go into the bag for shipment, but I couldn't get them off myself so I'll have to ask the bike shop to do it.

Bag contents:

Swim stuff:
2 wetsuit tops (with and without sleeves)
wetsuit bottom
new goggles
bright swim cap for practice swims
mesh bag for swim practices
cheap flipflops

Bike stuff:
bike helmet
bike shoes with new cleats
Extra cleats
Extra skewer
pedal wrench
Extra tubes
Extra cartridges
2 pairs sunglasses (dark and amber)
water bottle
extra salt capsules
bike jersey
bike shorts
bike jacket
arm warmers
bike gloves
chamois lubricant
number belt
lip balm
spray sunblock

Run stuff:
run shorts
extra socks
run singlet
thin long-sleeved shirt
heavy long-sleeved shirt
run belt with bandana, sunglasses, extra contact lens
glow necklaces and bracelets

2 gel packs for pre-race
2 bottles Ensure
3 gel flasks full of homemade gel
2 extra canisters salt capsules

I still get a second chance if I forgot anything in the suitcase I'll bring with me on my flight down. But that's most of it, all packed in small grocery bags and ready to go right into my transition bags!

You are too damned organized i'm worried..:-) I did pack all of my clothes, just not the tri-gear stuff..
did i miss a memo? has the race been changed to tomorrow?
Am I packed? Hmmm. yes and no. In 3 days we leave for FL, carrying EVERYTHING WE OWN including the dog and cat!!! Once we're there, I'll sort out what I need for the race :-) Although it would probably help my taperitis to start packing things now that I'll no longer need in training.
crap...all I packed for bike transport was helmet, wetsuit, googles, shoes, butt butter, gloves and maybe some chapstick.
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