Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Our IMFL'06 friends - updated!

We're delighted that some fellow bloggers and IMFL email list members will be with us on the Ironman Florida course! The official IMFL 2006 entrant list is here.

We will begin with these (if your blog, home page, or race number isn't linked below and you wish it to be, please tell us in the comments!):

And some FOB (Friends of Bolder) folks:

And from TRI-DRS:

And we can't forget our Iron Volunteers! Even if you couldn't enter, there's always room for more volunteers - and hey, it's a beach town!! Come on down!!!

Who else out there in blogland will be with us? Would any of you planning to attend or volunteer or spectate in 2006 like to join this IMFL blog for 2007 as a co-author? We would love to have you with us, just let us know!!!

Whoopeeee, let's party!
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OOPS! Messed up the last comment. (new to the site, by the way)

Anyway, I'm in IMF 2006! Let's do it!
By the way, this will be my first Ironman. Heck, I haven't even done a half yet. I'm just hoping to finish in one piece, under the cut-off.
Hey now, Robo Stu deserves his own by -line.
Correct, Commodore, I corrected that! Now Rob-Stu has his own personal bullet. :-)
And awb... you and me both. I'll race you for the last one over the line before midnight, okay?
You're on!!!

Creepy defector....I prefer thinking of it as taking one for the team-someone from up north has to suffer in the sunshine Ironman-read sunshine, not blistering heat and humidity, hills and head winds. Dang, minus the hills I think I just described Florida.

I love this site-bookmarking it now!



RoboStu is bib 1327, according to the Kahuna's post a couple of days ago. Go TBC team!!!!
Hi! Just discovered this group today and joined. Been on the road a lot lately and, obviously, not spending enough time on the internet. Oh well ...

If someone gets a chance, please add me to the list. I'm Bib #2417.

Thanks and good luck to all!!!
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