Monday, October 09, 2006

IMFL'06 participant information guide

It's now posted online here. Be sure to share the link with family and friends that may want to know all the details about your participation and when/where to find you!

Also make sure that online friends know your actual real-life surname (or race number) for tracking you online at on race day.

I also found it helpful to review the IMFL 2005 photo gallery to get some ideas of what the transition area looks like.

Thanks for posting the link to the file. It was interesting to read the rules, etc of the Ironman. I have a videotape of ESPN covering the 20th anniversary of the Ironman and in it is this runner, running for his daughter. At one point on the run, he meets and greets his wife at an aid station, and gets a send off kiss. From reading the rules today, that would be illegal. It is also a far cry from Dave Scott getting drinks on the bike from his parents, following him in their car.
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