Monday, October 30, 2006

Florida rocks; Blogspot sucks....

I'm trying to post pictures -- of the beach, as in THE BEACH, where we'll start; the transition area, which is blocked off now and being swept and cleaned up; of the parking deck which is also closed off while tents are set up for the Expo; of people doing practice swims; cool IM-related camping rigs housing our neigbors at the campground..... I CAN'T UPLOAD ANY PICTURES !!!! >:-< Blogspot drives me crazy.

Well, we'll have to try the thousand-words technique. The beach is white and sandy and the aqua water is calm and cool. The air is neither hot nor cold, just right. More and more IM stuff is popping up... trucks, crew guys in IM t-shirts. A big U-Haul unloading bottled water and other stuff into a tent. Other tents in various stages of being put up.

Single bikers and group riders boogeying up and down the streets. Runners. People in wetsuits in the water.


I've been wearing my red bandana everywhere, even though as far as I know only Rich has been here all weekend, and Shelley is supposed to get in tonight. This is getting more and more fun. Can't wait to see everyone!

ellie, I have a tattoo idea for you. How about a 1.5 inch flower stem with a red M-dot in place of the rose. My idea, you can use it.
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