Friday, October 20, 2006

Did they lie?

They PROMISED us bib numbers today!!

But I've been looking and looking and looking and they're STILL NOT UP!!

I'm not quite sure why it's important to me, BUT IT IS. WHERE ARE THEY??

I'm hoping for 1559. Or 1659. Or 666. Or 911. Or something else meaningful. How about you?

Update: Still waiting on Saturday afternoon . . . waiting . . . waiting . . . .

I guess they just said "We will be assigning race numbers to the 2006 Ford Ironman Florida on Friday, October 20." but I assumed that meant they would also let US know then, too.

But we're chopped liver?

Why 1559 or 1659???
15:59 or 16:59! Anything under 17:00!!!!!!! :-)
I want 1406. I read the email saying they were assigning numbers, but I assumed that meant we would get them some time next week.

I'm hoping to find some neon zinc oxide, remember that stuff? I want to write my name in a bright color on my arms-spectators love to cheer for you by name-and that is so cool.
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