Monday, September 11, 2006

Ironman Wisconsin 2006

Congratulations to everyone who toed the line yesterday at Ironman Wisconsin and gave it their best. According to the local weather records, yesterday it only got up to 59*F, 14 degrees below the average temperature, there were 0.46 inches of rain during the day, and the wind speeds were as high as 20 mph with gusts to 23 mph. Brutal conditions for everyone! Special credit goes to those Iron Volunteers who were out there sharing the nasty conditions with the athletes, making the event possible for them, doing the dirty work without the opportunity to get a medal for their efforts.

According to preliminary 2006 results, of the 2439 triathletes who completed the swim portion of the course, at least 266 of them (10.9%) never made it to the finish line. Of 2475 starters, 302 (12.2%) got DNFs.

And yet today, the registration for next year's triathlon was completely sold out within one hour.

What kind of crazy sport is this!? There's a lot of people out there who want a chance at that challenging course and many more with scores to settle there!

Stupid frickin' 1 hour sell-outs!! Who knew!!
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