Monday, September 18, 2006

Ironman cutoffs

The Ironman Florida site says, in reference to cutoffs:

"What are the cut-off times? Swim: 2h20, Swim/Bike: 10h15 (Florida Race Only - all other fulls are 10:30), Swim/Bike/Run 17hrs"

Which is the same information at the Ironman Arizona website and at the Ironman Wisconsin website, except with a 15 minute earlier bike cutoff in Florida (presumably due to the earlier sunset in November).

However, at the latter two events, apparently there was an additional cutoff added of 9:00PM or 14 hours from the swim start to reach the halfway point of the marathon (13.1 miles). Read one account of an encounter with this cutoff here.

Forwarned is forearmed. Don't be cut off.


There was also a "hidden" halfway cutoff for the bike at 6:30. They told us about it at the mandatory athlete's meeting, but they never told us about the run cutoff. It may be a good idea to check with someone on the race staff to see if this was a local thing specific to WI or if you'll encounter it too. Wow. You're getting close...
There is a run cut off. No doubt, even before Wil's story. Saw it at IMAZ and mentioned it in my reports. I saw eight people minimum not allowed to run through the finish shoot that would have finished within five mintues after midnight.

Its black or white with those WTC.
Pharmie, thanks for the tip! I'm a little more doubtful that they'll have another bike cutoff for IMFL, since it's a one-loop course. But I'm sure going to listen at the athlete's meeting very, very carefully!!
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