Thursday, September 14, 2006

IMFL pre-race video - of YOU!

From today - he says definitely send in your photos to him, 5 per person!!

How cool, eh!!???


IMFL competitors: Be a movie star
This idea came from Robo-Stu, who has a big heart for a man of steel.

We're going to put together a video for Ironman Florida competitors and anyone else who is interested. We'll marry up inspiring music and with the competitors' favorite race and training photos. The world premiere of the Cecil B. Kahuna film will take place after the carbo-load dinner on Thursday night. We'll also put the video on for others to see.

This will be just the inspirational tool to get us all geeked up about Ironman Florida.

Here's how you can help:

1. Ironman Florida competitors: E-mail the Kahuna ( your favorite five (more or less) photos of you competing or training.

2. Anyone else: E-mail the Kahuna ( a photo somehow contains an inspirational message (written or other otherwise) for those who are competing in Florida. Extra credit will be given for creativity.

All right. Send them quickly because the Kahuna has a deadline to meet!

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