Saturday, August 12, 2006

Twelve weeks to go

12 weeks. Including taper. Which brings us down to 9 to 10 weeks of full training until we're on the beach preparing to go into the water for Ironman Florida 2006.

Will I be ready? Will you?

Is anyone besides me getting a teensy bit nervous? Can I convince my body to pedal the bike a mile or two per hour faster, and run each mile in a minute or two less, in a mere 9 or 10 weeks?

Probably not. I'll just do my best to get around the course with a smile on my face, and enjoy every mile of the 140.6 along the way of the journey.

I'll be ready. Swam 2.4 open water Saturday and put another 90 miles out on the bike Sunday and my legs felt great. I ripped a quick mile brick and knew I still had the juice to go long if I had had the time.

90 miles, 114 ave HR and 16.5 mph with a cadence of 85. Bring it on.
Man you guys with this Iron Man stuff really gives me inspiration. It scares me to think that I might actually, one day even have the guts to consider training for something so surreal.
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