Friday, August 18, 2006


OK.... who exactly is doing IMFL? Nancy, Commodore, Bolder, Shelley Bev , me (you don't need a link for me, you're here already).... who else?

Since not everyone reads my blog, maybe you who do can put out an APB so that all the IMFL folks will get a heads-up and pop on over to sign in. Or you can just tell me they're doing it.

There is going to be a HUGE crowd of bloggers and emailers who know each other but haven't met yet. How are we going to recognize each other?

I'm posting this on the my own blog as well.

Chime in, folks! Thanks!

Update: Please see the current IMFL 2006 roster HERE, and let us know in the comments if you need to be added!

There's a link on the sidebar that says
Tri Blog IMFL'06 roster

which goes to

which is the roster I've compiled so far....

I'd be glad to update it with any additions, of course!
tri-geek kahuna is doing too
i'm thinkin' i'd like to add the official roster to my sidebar content for the next 3 months, and try to get as much of the group together.

how 'bout the rest of you? i'd like to include the volunteers too... in know Roman is comin' to cheer and support, others?

i've got more peeps representin':

Jonathan at Boulder Multisports
Oh yeah... I'm all the way in. We need to coordinate a Tri-Blogger Alliance meet-up. I've never been to Panama City Beach before. Any ideas?
I am going to be there with bells on!
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