Friday, July 21, 2006

Race cutoff times

For those up against the cutoff times at Ironman Florida, it's important to note that (according to the USAT Rule Amendments for all 2006 Ironman events that this race has earlier cutoffs than any other Ironman:

Swim leg finish is the same: 2 hours 20 minutes
Bike leg finish is 15 minutes earlier: 10 hours 15 minutes (by 5:15 PM)
Total time on course (run leg finish) is the same: 17 hours (midnight completion time)

This is probably because it will be DARK! Twilight ends at 5:18PM that day.

Penalties on the bike course are given and served on the course.

Also remember - cover your torso and no booze during the race! :-)

yes and NO electronic devices!!!
do i have to only cover my torso?
I am petitioning the no booze on the course right now with WTC. They told me they will have an answer to me on November 5th. Can't wait to hear what they say.
But isn't it always dark for penguins at Ironman finishes?
I think Bolder is going to have an interesting, uh, bike leg (so to speak) if he only covers his torso.
So can we race in shorts and a bra-type top, like a crop top or tri-two-piece top? I have one I like that shows a little bit of midriff... But I'll probably wear a one-piece tri suit anyway.
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