Friday, July 07, 2006

Ironman Florida potential temperatures

The typical weather for November 4th in Panama City, Florida:

Average high: 74*F
Record high: 91*F

Average low: 54*F
Record low: 34*F

What is the water temperature? Between 68-72 degrees at that time of year (76 degrees for 2000)

Interesting...when I did it in '04, the air temp was around 40 in the a.m. and then it warmed up to the 70's..quite beautiful!!
that means WETSUITS. WOO HOO
Sounds like perfection, if it sticks to the averages!
I am training for INFL as well. My first one, just curious as to the distance everyone is at in this point of their training. I go back and forth as to whether I feel like I am currently in the right place...PS, I love reading your blog.
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