Saturday, June 17, 2006

Free bike shipping to IMFL?

If you haven't booked your flights to Ironman Florida yet, you may consider this:

When you book your flight on US Airways through any of the Ironman North America U.S. Web sites, you'll receive an electronic certificate to ship your bicycle for free on US Airways. Here's how it's supposed to work:

This exclusive offer is only available through the Ironman North America Web sites. You cannot receive the free bicycle-shipping certificate by making your reservation directly with US Airways.

Won't help for florida, but if you get a USCF license, it includes 2 bike vouchers. A license is $60 and is still cheaper than the $160 you would typically pay.

If you do travel a lot with your bike, then perhaps the gold (10 vouchers for $250) or silver (4 vouchers for $150) membership option would be a better option.

Food for thought.
It won't help for Florida because the vouchers are only for United Airlines, and I don't think they fly to Panama City.
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