Monday, January 30, 2006

My longest ever swim

I finished my lifetime longest swim this morning. 2550 m in 1:40. (Which is almost exactly 2/3 the distance of an Ironman swim).

If I do the Ironman Florida swim at that pace, I'll be finishing up the swim right at 2:30.

Ten minutes after the cutoff. Done for the day.

Not to mention exhausted.

Within that workout I did one 800 m straight swim in 27:41. If I could hold that pace for 3862 m, I'd finish the IMFL swim in 2:13. That sounds MUCH better. Now maybe with only 4 turns in the water instead of 4 million, and a wetsuit, and buoyant saltwater, I might really be close to making that 2:20 cutoff!!

It still looks like I have my work cut out for me for the next nine months to be confident of making it to T1 on time on race day! If you can make a baby in that length of time, surely you should be able to make a swimmer, too, right? Yep, it's 277 days from today until race day, that's 39.5 weeks. Go forth and train!

awesome nancy. Keep the streak alive.
Quit worrying! We still have 9 months to improve our swimming enough to make the cutoff. That's a lot of time to improve.
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