Sunday, January 29, 2006

IMFL clothing

I was browsing over at the Ironman gear store to try to find some inspirational training wear for this coming season. Something to get me out there when I come down with the "idontwannas". What I really want is this singlet - but I can't wear it due to that 2005 Finisher stuff on it:

This swimsuit would be great too, but once again, I am disqualified by that Finisher label:

They do have an "Ironman in training" t-shirt, but the blah gray and backwards-N design really does nothing to inspire me:

I do like this technical t-shirt, but I fear it might be mistaken for a finisher shirt too. Maybe if I wrote "in training" on it with a Sharpie?

What do you all think?

All I know is that I will NOT be wearing a shirt like Shelley's any time soon.

Cool! I want one! There's nothing wrong with writing "in training" on it if that helps you avoid bad race karma.
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