Saturday, December 17, 2005

IMFL'06 Training Groups?

Hmm, I just had an idea.

I just saw a half ironman training blog post in which they have set up training groups.

How about setting up some groups of 3-4 athletes each on this IMFL blog and on our Yahoo discussion list so that we can keep up with each other and share our training progress? Plus keep each other accountable?

I have set up a database on our Yahoo discussion list so that you can enter some projected finish times for each leg at IMFL'06, and then I can set up some subgroups of athletes (and will post the list here) to get started working together at the beginning of the new year. Go over to the database HERE to enter your projected times. (If you haven't joined the discussion group yet, you'll have to do that too).

OK, mine's in. I figure 15-16 hours.
i keep wondering what everyone else is up to... i'm in.
Great job on your focus and blog!!

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