Monday, November 07, 2005


Darn, I can't post a picture. Sometimes I can, sometimes I can't. This evening it's not working.

I downloaded Nancy's training spreadsheet and filled in the first day of the next year of my life: 7 miles of funning (that started to be a typo but I decided to leave it.) Mica was a big factor in this. I set out to run an hour, about 6 miles, decided it was way too hot for the way I was dressed, and quit after 30 minutes (3 miles). Right about then I discovered a message on my phone from yesterday, from Mica, who lives fairly near where we are staying in Texas and wanted to get together. So I called her and she was at my place in 45 minutes!! By then I was wearing cooler togs, and Mica needed a 4-miler, so I got in seven miles rather than the 6 I'd hoped for. This will help me gear up for RNR Arizona, too, since I'm behind on that due to recovering from Chesapeakeman. Wow... one thing surely leads to another. This litany of races sounds like "The House that Jack Built."

I wanted to drop in and give all of you some early words of encouragement for IMFL 06. I just completed my first Ironman at Florida this year. For you first timers, it is an experience that is worth every second of sacrifice. The finish line is an amazing place.
I can't upload pictures either - I think its a blogger thing! I'm sure that with your base, RNR Arizona will be a piece of cake.
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