Monday, November 21, 2005


Now that the initial excitement has settled down some, along with my post-ChesapeakeMan high, I'm finding it a little hard even to think about IMFL. How are some of the rest of you feeling? Those that just did IMFL or another ultra-distance race; or who are looking at it as their first one, nearly a year away; maybe with the pressure of another important or long race, or two or three, in the meantime....

I know at least one other hopeful here who's feeling a tad tired and maybe a bit swamped. I figure, we're here to help each other through these feelings as well as to share the gung-ho ones. Judging from the dearth of posts, I'd guess not everyone is chafing at the bit to hit that starting line!!!

I got a $10 refund on my registration from Anyone else get one? I don't seem to be able to find info on what that's about. Maybe it's an bonus or something.

i think the weather becoming cooler, days shorter, and days to IMFL longer, are all contributing to motivational questioning... but, adapting more to the indoors, and layering more for the outdoors -- hope springs eternal.

tarheeltri also published his race schedule which is a real motivator, and the kahuna did the same to personalize the here and now... for me, my key thought this week is "don't wait too long"...
I also got the refund. who knows why. I am just as fired up today as I was last week and last month, and will be next month and next year.
I got the refund too. No idea why.
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