Thursday, November 03, 2005

News from IMFL 2005

Iron Mitch is publishing great updates with lots of photos on his blog from Ironman Florida as it happens in 2005. Stop over and join the excitement!

Curt and friends on the Ironman 2005 blog are also down there participating and posting updates.

Thanks for keeping us posted! Good luck, triathletes!

Special good luck, smooth seas, and constant tailwinds to the following triathletes from the TRI-DRS email list:
Catherine (Katie) Paulson: #2169
Donna Rice: #2363
Martin Rice: #1720
Forrest Fowler: #1624
Regina Fowler: #2303
Judith Lenane (Mrs. Graham Wilson): #2331

and from the IMFL email list:
Donnie Walker #757

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