Sunday, November 06, 2005


Registration opened at 9a.m. CST. I tried to get a jump on things by going to the site at 8:50, but just got "Sorry, registration for this event is not yet available." Again at 8:55... nothing. Finally, I left the computer, went to put on my eye makeup and fix my hair (we were going out to Nascar races, which I found not that enthralling). Back to the computer at 9:06 and, Bingo! Click HERE to register and I was in business. I'd heard of people trying for hours to reach the site so I was very pleased; even more so when my registration went through without a hitch (except a few do-overs following error messages, because I can't fill out a form right the first time, at least not on a computer.) But I'm IN!! I am so happy. And sorry that some folks I know waited too long and missed.... apparently registration closed in less than 3 hours. Is this some kind of new record or something? A couple weeks ago we were astonished on tri-drs when IM Wisconsin 2006 closed in seven hours.

So I count myself favored.

Tomorrow I start logging my training... Nancy cooked up a really cool training spreadsheet whose starting date is November 7, 2005, and I printed it out and am going to start filling it in.

Naproxen tablets are taking care of my shoulder but I think I'm going to wait till we get to Phoenix, our holing-in spot for this winter, to start swimming again, where I can do so under the eye of some kind of coach, hopefully refining my technique to avoid shoulder problems again.

I am already excited!!


I am in Mesa. If you interested in hooking up with our training group, you are more than welcome. As you know I am in on Florida and most of the rest of them are training for IM Arizona in April so it would be perfect.

Depending on where you live I can get you tied into a great one on one coach in the West Valley or the Tri Swim team/Masters swim at ASU. or just go for open lake swims with my team.
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