Friday, November 11, 2005

IMFLA where will you be?

As you can see if you do a search in google for PCBeach, there are not shortages of condo's/hotels.
I just looked at the NEW Boardwalk (which is the host hotel for IMFLA) it looks pretty nice and the race venue will be right there!! So where's everyone thinking of staying so far?
This is the NEW Boardwalk as you can see it's pretty nice, the old one wasn't pretty.

TriDaddy and I were talking about this today. Its got to have a kitchenette or the ablity to make familiar food. As long as I have a microwave and a fridge im good. i think the two of us are going to bunk a room together.
We'll be in a nearby campground, probably "Campers' Inn," which Cathy T. told me is right across from the transition area. I called the place and the office person I talked to concurred..."You wouldn't be able to get closer," he said.
Well i've spoken to Hubby and i'm 100% sure that we'll be staying at the New Condos at the Boardwalk.
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