Tuesday, November 01, 2005

I'M IN!!!

And thanks to Nancy for setting up this blog and inviting me in!

Maybe my title is a little premature.... I'm not "in" the race yet, as registration is still an "if I get in." But I'm "in" this blog group with bells on!!

Training today:
2.1 miles, 21 minutes, around our RV park in Lewistown Lake Park, Lewistown, TX (near Dallas.)

My legs hurt. They started hurting after the first mile. I wasn't tired all over, just my legs. They stopped hurting if I stopped running, started again when I started again. I can't tell if I'm "out of shape" a month after Chesapeakeman, or just not recovered yet. Now that I've finished running, they don't hurt. I'll see if they're sore tomorrow. If not, I'll run some more. Or maybe bike.

I don't know how on earth I'm going to make the marathon, RNR Arizona, in 10 weeks. I thought it would be easy to stay in shape for it after Chesapeakeman. Not. The iron-distance triathlon itself was the easy part, apparently....

Elli.....your going to do fine in 10 weeks. I'm sure your body is still in recovery mode. I'd get out there on the bike....and if you can find any water....do some deep running....or even swimming....your legs took a good beating....

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