Tuesday, November 08, 2005

HTML help!

I added a counter to take us up to IMFL, courtesy of Shelley. In so doing I seem to have screwed up the alignment. Nothing I do now seems to change it, including < align="right">. Any ideas on fixing this and making the right sidebar align all nicely to the right again, readers? Thanks in advance!

Update: I moved the countdown to the bottom of the sidebar, and right-aligned it, and that works okay. But if I move it up, somehow it makes the list items align to the left. Weird! If anyone has a fix, or can tell me where to put it in the header, let us know!

well that's strange...what the heck??? did you put it in the sidebar area?
Yeah, I added it under where I had the photo. I couldn't find anyplace it said anything about alignment, but there it is.... :-(
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