Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Hmmm. Vertical Man has termed the enthusiastic rush and unanimity in signing up for Ironman Florida that many of us have displayed as "creepy". Further, he labels certain IMFL registrants defectors.

Defectors and creeps, unite!

Need we remind those IMMOOers of the many good reasons we had to sign up for IMFL rather than IMMOO, that we thoughtfully considered as early as last May? Shall we review again the Top Ten Reasons to do IMFL instead of IMMOO:

10. Friends and relatives can travel too. They will if they know what's good for them. Friends and relatives will like the Florida Gulf coast in November much better than the middle of Wisconsin in September. They're not stupid.

9. Panama City in Sunshine State vs. Madison in "Eat Cheese or Die" state.

8. Buoyant salt water on shallow warm beach course vs. cold pond scum.

7. Flat vs. Hills.

6. One loop bike course vs. two loop bike course. (Which I personally usually find very boring).

5. Two more months to train.

4. Two more months to save up registration money.

3. 83/2116 DNFs in 2004 (3.9%) vs. 212/2187 DNFs in 2004 (9.7%). That is, you're 2.5 times more likely to finish at IMFL and become an IRONMAN.

2. Faster finishing times by 20-25 min. based on course records: 8:21 M/9:26W vs. 8:46M/9:46W. Plus bragging rights!

1. The supportive presence of the members of the TRI BLOG ALLIANCE!

That said, we still will all train right along with you, watch your preparations, and cheer for you when you're out on the course. Because you'll do the same for us.

7 through 10 tipped the scales for me... although, if not IMFL, I don't even know if I would have picked IMOO...

i'd also add, that besides being a more attractive locale for friends and relatives, cheap air fares to florida are also readily available given its touristy nature -- does anyone go to Wisconsin for vacation? ever??
I kind of thought maybe IMFL sold out so fast because a lot of people tried to get into IMOO and found it closed after "only" 7 hours... hence the mad rush --"DAMN! Well, I can still try for Florida..."

They'll find that the gods ordained their path in their favor.

Actually, I'm entertaining fantasies of doing them all... someday...
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