Monday, November 07, 2005

The challenges of some fellow IMFL entrants

Some other entrants in IMFL'06 will have their own interesting personal challenges to take on, but are being sponsored and supported by SBR Multisports in the so-called "Overweight Triathlon Challenge". We'll watch for them and cheer them on! (Neither one shows up on the entrant list right now, though, perhaps it's some special arrangement with the organizers?) Great deal for them - "All equipment for the swimming, biking and running will be provided by SBR Multisports, as well as nutritional counseling and plane fare and accommodations in Florida."

In the recent months the weight loss craze has gained even more momentum through NBC's reality TV show, The Biggest Loser. Just recently the new book adapted from the show, The Biggest Loser : The Weight Loss Program to Transform Your Body, Health and Life, hit bookstore shelves and has gained immense popularity. In response to this weight loss frenzy, SBR has created a year long challenge for two devoted, overweight individuals to help them achieve their goals of attaining physically fit and healthy lifestyles. Through the constant coaching and guidance of SBR, these two individuals will train for the Ironman Florida scheduled for November 6, 2006.

After a lengthy interview process, we've selected two candidates, Margaret Bravo and Michael Nelson. We hope the SBR community welcomes them and encourages Margaret and Michael throughout their next year of training. We will provide you with monthly updates regarding their progress.

Below we have included a personal profile of each candidate.

Name: Margaret Bravo
D.O.B.: 1/12/67
Height: 5'8
Starting Weight: 221 lbs.
Profession: Registered nurse at Nyack Hospital Labor and Delivery Unit
Marital Status: Married 15 yrs. with 2 children; Meghan 12, Katie 9
Athletic History: softball, basketball, swam, ran cross country
Previous Exercise Habits: swimming/coaching and playing softball
Longtime Dream: "I've always fantasized about being able to run a marathon."
Inspiration: "You asked me to say why I'd make a good candidate for Ironman. Simple. My 2 girls. I'd love to show them that you can face obstacles and overcome them. No more running and hiding for me."

Name: Michael Nelson
D.O.B.: 10/31/63
Height: 5'11
Starting Weight: 315 lbs.
Profession: Owns a wholesale meat distribution company and a fried chicken restaurant
Marital Status: Married
Athletic History: mountain biking
Why did you choose to apply for the Challenge?: "It's a way to erase so many bad mistakes with one concerted effort."
Fitness Goal: "To hike to the top of Mt. Washington with my wife and to have so much energy at the end that it looks like I'm on a stroll down 5th Ave."

thats an interesting idea. I have been a part of these kinds of contests before, on the trainer/final judging side, I wonder how these two were chosen since they really had no bent to triathlon before, especially the guy. I wish them the best of luck. There lives will change forever.

You should tell them to show up a few days eariler though, the race is on the 4th, not the 6th.
Wonder if we can finagle to meet them? I got that email, too and am really interested to see how they do. Like commodore, I wondered, "But, but, but... have they ever done a triathlon before???"

Flatman... you reading? Wait and see how they do at their first IM with NO previous tri experience
:-) You're way ahead!
I'd gain some weight just to see if I could get in on that deal!!
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