Sunday, November 13, 2005


Well, not bummed about New Mexico, which is gorgeous....

Today we went to Carsbad Caverns and hiked underground, then went out and hiked on trails down to "Rattlesnake Canyon." It's wonderful. And we did not get lost... :-)

But I'm bummed because I'm not running. I think the last I ran was last week with Mica. It's been really, really windy since we got here... 20+ mph, uncomfortable; and, where we're "parked," I can't just run out the door and onto the road (we're right in town.) I'd have to drive someplace to run. This bums me out. Also, running has felt so crappy since Chesapeakeman.... not painful anymore, just crappy. I don't know how I'm going to do RNR Arizona in 2 months. Maybe I'll change my registration to the half, if I can. Or maybe I'll do training in "doubles" -- instead of 8 miles, do 4 in the morning, 4 later. Four feels doable. If I can get my long run up to 15 miles, I'll be a go. I've done that before. But right now, I feel like running will never feel good again...

Bummer! Doing the doubles sounds like a good idea. Just make sure you are listnening to your body. If you still need some rest, take it! No sense in giving your body a pounding if its not ready for it.
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