Sunday, February 26, 2006

Bike shipping

If you're coming to IMFL from a long ways away, (as I am, 1860 miles round trip), you may want to consider this company for transporting your bike for $210 (and optionally, a gear bag with your helmet, wetsuit, bike shoes, CO2 cartridges, etc. for another $25) to Panama City Beach. I haven't used it yet myself, but based on the highly positive reviews that I got from some experienced Ironmen, I signed up with them today. I'm hoping to step off the plane into Florida sunshine well-rested, instead of driving down over 2 or 3 days, with my most important gear shipped down safely the previous week. I can use my other bike if I need to do a couple last-minute rides to stay loose. For me, the expenses of shipping the bike and flying just about break even with the costs of driving and motels along the way and saving a couple of my husband's vacation days. I'd pay a lot more to arrive well-rested!

250 days to go!

Today is 250 days until IRONMAN FLORIDA.

It's just under 36 weeks away.

Do you have your lodging lined up? How about your transportation? Do you know how your bike will be getting there?

Most importantly, is your training on track to get you to the starting line in the shape that you want to be?

Friday, February 24, 2006

Shelley rocks!

Yay! What a cool person! Shelley was first in line for the good-luck TRI-DRS dogtags at Ironman Florida. I requested them after her, but I was out of luck - too late! But being the super-nice person that she is, she decided to give up her turn and offered them to me to use.

THANK YOU SHELLEY! I'll use them mindfully and conscious of all the good karma they bring along. I'll also bring them across the finish line before midnight, if at all possible. And if I do, it will be a PR!

Monday, February 20, 2006


Here's another source for custom tri-wear and bike jerseys:
We're getting some of their stuff for a local tri-club.

And another:

I'd be glad to help on artwork if we want to put together a group order, but I'm not collecting the money!! :-)

Hey, Shelley, weren't you going to get t-shirts made for us!?!?

Ironman Florida Jerseys

I can't remember who offered, but someone was going to design up IMFLA jersey''s a start!!

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